E-commerce channels are digital real estate. And just like tangible real estate, you can rent or you can own. A major dilemma most B2B organizations go through while planning to launch a digital channel is deciding on the right e-commerce solution strategy.

We know the B2B vendor market is still in its infancy and no single platform can meet the needs of every B2B industry. Hence, among the many criterias that businesses apply while platform shopping, evaluating the platform for key B2B specific functional requirements should top the list. …

API- First

Architectural patterns have continuously evolved with expanding digital needs of businesses and changing technology landscape. The current trend in this space is MACH - a revolutionary architecture principle that promises the ultimate scalability, flexibility and agility needed for business transformation

What is MACH

MACH stands for Microservices; API-first, Cloud-native; and Headless. In short, MACH is a term for technologies that are natively modular, pluggable, scalable, and easily updated via agile development to support a continuously-evolving digital experience.

Technically, MACH is a set of design principles behind a rising number of best-of-breed software solutions. Built to integrate easily, these technologies help untangle and step…

The big picture

Critical challenge for architects is to establish a platform architecture that integrates variety of independent and best-of-breed technologies together that can deliver modern customer experience and also empowers business users. At the same time ensuring platform renders a high degree of agility and scalability is an equal contender.

Experience in architecting complex, omnichannel, digital experience platforms for global clients working alongside technology partners - I’ve observed that digital experience platforms can be adopted to work in different fashions based on contextual business drivers. …

As businesses increasingly push digital marketing to the forefront for success, so is content creation happening at a dizzying pace. With 2020 being a remarkable year fraught with disruption, this has propelled exponentially. The rapid proliferation of digital data often leads to assets being poorly managed causing inconsistencies, bottlenecks and unnecessary duplication of effort, all of which adds pressure to the marketers already strapped for time.

Business case for Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs)

Digital assets are not merely digital files. They are pieces of content that are valuable to your organization. Losing or misplacing them costs money, time, and energy. With multiple teams involved in producing content…

Faced with the need to roll out digital channels to enable customer shopping from the comfort of their homes, leaders have taken the opportunity to accelerate technology adoption across their organizations and e-commerce platforms top the chart. In this scenario, it becomes imperative for businesses to invest in the right platform based on projected growth, budget and technical maturity.

Based on years of experience implementing multiple e-commerce platforms, Magento (An Adobe product) has clearly stood out in delivering ROI, time to market and growth for companies through its scalability, flexibility and vast set of extendable resources aka extensions.

What Magento brings to the table

It is…

Do employees really need to go to an Office? These initial stages of Covid-19 have given rise to questions about what office space is for and what people might lose if these spaces become non-existent. During these times experts are sharing views about organisational behavior, workspaces, productivity, collaboration, and what leaders need to give their thoughts for new normal. I’m writing this in my sweatpants, sitting in my new workstation. I am like every office worker, just a small part of an accidental WFH situation.

The Efficacy:

The globally forced remote working experiment is impacting employees, the way people grow their careers…

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly is one of the biggest events in the history of human-kind. While the whole world is going through unprecedented changes and people are adapting to the new normal, it’s worth pondering how fortunate we are witnessing this pandemic having achieved some basic level of digitalization. Just imagine how bad the situation would have been if there was no cross-border modernization of the food supply chain. The situation would have been so worse that the human race would have had more fatalities due to hunger than the pandemic itself. …

Digital journey, digital maturity, digital transformation - choose the phrase that sounds best to you because they mean the same. Lot of hue and cry, awareness and benefits of digitalization have been discussed already in more detail by experts and every software professional service company is weaving their service portfolio around digitalization and how they could help businesses realize the potential of digitalisation. Nevertheless, my intention is not to repeat what has already been discussed and debated. One thing that seems missing from all the available data is how exactly businesses need to approach the whole idea of digital and…

Customers often look at buying with a two-dimensional focus: either the physical, brick and mortar stores or the online, etailers. As consumer expectations has changed, many brands are juggling around strategies that include both physical and online stores.

An emerging trend is, - while traditional physical store businesses are moving online, e-tailers are deciding between brick and mortar locations versus “concept stores”. Concept stores, Experience stores or Guideshops, choose the descriptor that works best for you. These terms are all being used to put the brand at the center of digital age and augment human experiences. …

Bringing your desired experience to life for your customers requires a deep understanding of your customer base, how they perceive your brand, and what they expect.

Making this happen will not occur overnight. The challenge lies in bringing the experience to life, in design and on the experience management platform itself.

This means designers and engineers must align from the get-go on what the best experience will look like which can be implemented on any given platform.

Why is this?
Gone are the days when you designed a webpage that required a technical expert to manage it. …

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